You are currently viewing AFbrother: Revolutionizing the Influencer Market with Efficiency and Global Reach

AFbrother: Revolutionizing the Influencer Market with Efficiency and Global Reach

The global market influencer industry has experienced an average annual growth rate of 30%. Currently, the influencer market is valued at over $16 billion, and we anticipate reaching $20 billion by 2023. AFbrother caters to the needs of customers, addressing pain points in each party’s workflow, enhancing efficiency, and facilitating direct communication. The AFbrother platform is user-friendly and is recognized as a space where marketers, brands, and influencers can collaborate more effectively.

Why Choose AFbrother?

It is a global platform

This is a global platform, marketed not only in Thailand but also in numerous countries worldwide. This means that products seeking international promotion or influencers looking to collaborate with foreign brands can utilize this platform.

Accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers

With AFbrother accessible via web browsers, it can be comfortably used on any device by simply connecting to the internet and visiting the official website.

Influencer screening system

Selecting an influencer is not merely about finding someone who can promote your product. It’s about finding an influencer whose audience aligns with your product, maximizing the effectiveness of your promotion while reducing marketing costs.

AFbrother: Revolutionizing the Influencer Market with Efficiency and Global Reach

Fair wage calculation

AFbrother employs artificial intelligence (AI) to calculate influencer compensation based on their social media followers. This method differentiates wages across platforms, allowing influencers to calculate their earnings independently.

AFbrother collaborates with numerous marketers

In addition to influencers, the platform partners with over 40 marketing firms, which means there are plenty of opportunities for influencers to find work.

What Sets this Influencer Marketing Platform Apart?

It uses cryptocurrency for payments

Cryptocurrency streamlines payments, enabling marketers to make payments from anywhere in the world without concerns about international money transfers or exchange rates.

AFbrother offers various campaigns

In addition to marketing jobs, AFbrother frequently runs online campaigns for influencers to promote, such as sharing posts or promoting AFbrother in their content.

Low fees

Influencers often accept jobs through agencies and job search platforms, which typically deduct a significant portion of their earnings. However, by switching to the AFbrother platform, which offers the lowest fees in the market, influencers can earn more than usual.

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