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Content Writing Team

Joseph Alalade

Editor & Journalist

Law student turned Web3 enthusiast, committed to creating adoption-driven content while delivering unbiased reporting on crypto news, trends, and insights.

Timothy Odewuyi - Staritemedia

Timothy Odewuyi

Technical Writer

Web3 technical writer passionate about simplifying complex topics into digestible content and bridging the gap between intricate concepts and the public with engaging writing.

Sunshine Alalade -

Sunshine Alalade

SEO Expert

Web3-obsessed SEO writer crafting captivating content that educates and engages readers while driving traffic and revenues for startups in the crypto space.

Bello Tofunmi

Bello Tofunmi

Creative Writer

Creative writer bringing Web3 visions to life through imaginative storytelling. Helps engage and inspire audiences with compelling content.

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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

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